Coming Back Home: A TeamRecruit Education Outreach

Coming Back Home: A TeamRecruit Education Outreach TeamRecruit Cares visited Bangkulasi Elementary School in Navotas last October 26, 2022.

Jean Fajardo of International Nursing Recruitment spearheaded this outreach program as TeamRecruit Cares spent the afternoon with the students and faculty of Bangkulasi Elementary School (BKES), playing games, telling stories, and giving out school supplies to the 100 students who joined.


Giving Hope

Alumnus Jean Fajardo went back home to his elementary school to give back and give hope to the students of BKES.

Story Time

With the help of TeamRecruit Cares, Jean told his story of persistence and hard work to the children of BKES that the world is within their reach if they are willing to work for it, that together the community can do so much in enriching everyone's lives.

An afternoon of games, of stories, and joy – Chicken Joy

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is the second reachout program for this year. TeamRecruit Cares hopes to hold more outreach programs spearheaded by our members for their communities.

We thank the following people for giving us this opportunity to serve this community.

Cybill Getgood

Jamie GetGood 

Jean Fajardo

Sef Patubo

Lala Claraval

Mikee Turciap

Jeff Fabregar

Bon Francis Jose

Renczy Mendoza

Pat Callo