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Direct hire staffing is a smarter way to hire. We remove the middleman and reduce agency costs, allowing you to focus your efforts and resources on what matters most: growing your business.

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Direct Hire Solutions

Direct hire is an excellent means for employers to fill positions, especially in healthcare. This recruitment model saves time and money and boosts morale by ensuring your nurses are working for you for the long term.

It's a faster method of implementing new hires than contract or per-diem arrangements and reduces costs. The return on your international recruitment investment will be swift, as many clients see hiring returns within six months or less.

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Transform Your Talent Acquisition With Our
Direct Hire Solutions

Transform Your Talent Acquisition With Our Direct Hire Solutions

Why Choose Our Direct Hire Solutions

Direct Hire is a better way to recruit and retain nurses than contract-to-hire, contract hire, temporary hire, and part-time hires. Companies that directly hire individuals often invest more in these employees than employees who work on a temporary or part-time basis.


Elicit Loyalty & Longevity

Direct-hire jobs mean an employee will be working permanently with benefits, including a secure position and a better opportunity to further one’s career. These perks can make employees likely to exceed their job expectations and work hard to make a difference within the organization.

Fill Challenging Positions

When companies hire for challenging positions, they want the employees to stick around for a while. They will often directly hire them to foster trust and promote longevity.

Simplify the Hiring Process

Hiring a direct-hire worker saves you time and money by removing the middleman and reducing agency costs. You also don't have to worry about the common problems associated with temporary workers or contract employees, such as those involved in hiring, monitoring, and termination.

Make Direct Hire
Work for You

Make Direct Hire Work for You


The TeamRecruit Edge:

Quick Onboarding

Time is always of the essence in tech and healthcare recruitment. We hit the ground running right away so you can get the value from the partnership as soon as possible.

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    “The event helped me boost my self-confidence. I realized that it is something that I need to work on. Cybill really spoke from the heart — she made me cry and relate to things that I don't usually talk about with other people.”
    from J.F.
    “The noise, The voice, The Power omg! I can literally feel the energy in every single person who presented there. I wish 2nd time when this felicitation came in place, the entire company people from US, India, Singapore, Japan and so, collectively gathered at one place in the Philippines.”
    from V.V.
    “I like the overall event. I hope we have this kind of event once a month or quarter. It did not look like it [was] planned for just 5 days which is incredible.”
    from J.A.
    “Meeting new people and saying hi to them in person is such a new experience. I have a great teary-eyed time with the part about sharing my purpose, as this really strikes my heart. It made me realize why do I have to treasure my job and why I have to make my efforts double every single time.”
    from N.C.
    “I appreciate so much that it was well pulled off despite the short prep. What more for a long prep time. [Loved] the free-flowing coffee, the FOOD, and Cybill's talks.”
    from N.L.
    “[Loved] the overall discussion, it helps me to get through in some of the happenings of my life, and tips and tricks for being a better recruiter helps a lot as well.”
    from C.B.
    “The event was great! Gave employees the opportunity to learn more, enjoy the environment that TeamRecruit is promoting.”
    from G.C.
    “The TA team created fun, interactive games and help out a lot sorting out the prizes with HR Team. The marketing team helped so much in finalizing the event program. Harnessing your purpose workshop was chef's kiss. The MPC was very informative – even for me! And of course my surprise nomination to The President's Club!”
    from S.P.
    “[Loved] the generous prizes and the content of the workshops. All the food was great! The event was a near-perfect experience.”
    from M.L.

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      With TeamRecruit, There Are No Boundaries

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      Location should no longer be a concern when filling a role. Partnering with global talent management leaders, we are experts in delivering the talent you need – no matter where they live.

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