Get top candidate deliveries within 24 hours!

TeamRecruit Delivers

Our team delivers your first batch of candidates 24 hours after our search alignment with you. We’ve streamlined our preliminary processes to cut the hiring time below industry levels.

Robust Pool of Candidates

TeamRecruit gets the best candidates with a diversified set of sourcing tools where we build a robust pool of healthcare candidates ready to match your staff requirements. Using the latest ATS, AI, and highly-specialized recruiters we got off to a quick start in procuring your staffing needs.


We build you a playbook that results from TeamRecruit’s methodical approach to hiring through documentation of the processes we’ve developed that are unique to your staffing needs. Your playbook covers your brand’s culture, candidate behaviors and qualifications, specialized protocols, and more. This system ensures FAST and consistent recruitment success throughout.

A Dedicated Team

We don’t waste time. We assign account managers and coordinators exclusively for you. This arrangement provides agile processes that we can realign at any point to streamline talent acquisition flow and an efficient contingency system that addresses shifting staffing requirements such as candidate qualification, staffing volume, acquisition schedules, and more. The account managers and coordinators are there for your convenience and to ensure optimized recruitment success.

Genuine Value and Service Flexibility

TeamRecruit’s staffing service agreement includes flexible provisions for seasonal staffing. This means scaling your hiring based on your company’s current workforce needs at any given time, an adjustable service feature that provides cost-effective benefits.
The TeamRecruit touch is a genuine partnership that supports our clients and candidates. We bridge the gap by creating solid relationships and solutions fostering a strong connection between clinicians and the healthcare facilities seeking them.

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