TeamRecruit’s 1st


Was a Smashing Success!

The recruiting scene—disrupted. Hundreds of careers—elevated. Discover how TeamRecruit smashed our first-ever major event and instantly became the new talk of the town.

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A Dive Into Our First-Ever Career Fair

On February 28, 2022, TeamRecruit accelerated the hiring process in search of top-tier recruiters and industry players in India and the Philippines.

200+ Careers Elevated.

More than 300 job-seekers showed up and brought their A-game to explore a world of opportunities.


3 Hours of Interaction.

Attendees experienced the Cash Is King madness. Merch items and digital certificates were given away.


Two Award-Winning Leaders.

Our VP of Marketing presented our culture and open positions; our CPO offered tips to ace their interviews and make a great first impression.

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One Virtual Stage.

The energy was palpable. Everyone was hyped up. Winners landed their dream job. Champions found their home with us.


    "It was my first time attending a virtual career fair and I was amazed how generous the company is, not only the money that was given away but also the speakers are very generous in giving away helpful information to recruiters and applicants too - to think that not all guests are their employees. Mr. and Mrs. Getgood are genuinely humble in spite of their great success."
    from J.M.
    "More events! It was fun"
    from R.F.
    "Over all I really enjoyed the virtual job fair. I learned a lot from the keynote speakers that I can apply when looking for a job."
    from M.A.T.
    "I like the event, it was fun and engaging."
    from M.N.D.

    From All of Us at TeamRecruit,
    Thank You.

    Got hired on the spot? Flex your new company by tagging us on social media with the hashtags #TeamRecruitVCF2022 and #MakeTheRightMoveNow!

    Ready for Round Two?

    TeamRecruit is cooking a bigger, better, bolder career fair for you. Stay tuned for updates or pre-register your interest.