Staffing Solutions for an Online Dating and Geosocial Network Company, 54 Vital Engineering Roles Rapidly Filled


A Los Angeles-based Online Dating and Geosocial Networking app was struggling to expand its team. It specifically needed back-end engineers but did not have the necessary recruitment infrastructure in place. So, it turned to TeamRecruit for help.

TeamRecruit's approach was straightforward yet strategic. Instead of filling the immediate vacancies or suggesting the client pause their growth plans, we proposed to build and enhance their entire recruitment process. This meant finding the right people and ensuring these new hires would be well-integrated into the company's culture and goals.

We started with in-depth discussions to understand the client's needs and culture. An exclusive account manager from TeamRecruit was assigned to develop a customized playbook for the recruitment process, focusing on training the client's recruitment team to use our platform and systems effectively.

The results were clear and fast. Within two weeks, we had filled several critical technical positions, thanks to the expertise of our recruiters and the efficient onboarding and training process. This swift success was a testament to the power of understanding a client's unique needs and the effectiveness of tailored recruitment strategies.

The overall message of this case study is that with the right partnership and a customized approach, recruitment challenges can be transformed into opportunities for strategic growth and stronger team building. TeamRecruit's collaboration with the client went beyond filling vacancies—it was about setting a foundation for sustainable expansion and success.

No. of Roles Filled: 54

Entry level

Technical Recruiters
Technical Sourcing Specialists
Account Coordinators


Senior Technical Recruiters
Sourcing Managers
Lead Account Coordinators

Time to Fill: 2 weeks ramp-up period 
Start Date: January 2022

The services provided by TeamRecruit were gainful as the Los Angeles-based client, through the help of TeamRecruit, completely staffed their delivery recruitment team and filled the requisition for technical positions way within the allotted time.