Need to Fill 290 Roles? Support is just a quick call away: RPO at your service.


What does a leading travel-nurse staffing company do when it needs to fill 290 roles across the board and strengthen its position as a provider of on-demand nurses and allied professionals in the US?

Call TeamRecruit, of course.

The Tech-Powered Nurse Staffing Company from Atlanta needed to rapidly boost production to fortify its position as a premier provider of on-demand nurses and allied professionals. With overwhelming amounts of requisitions that include management roles, the company considered asking clients to put a hold on new requisitions, post job ads for in-house recruiters, and even lengthen the hiring period beyond the client’s request.

Recognizing the need for a strategic partner, the company turned to TeamRecruit. Leveraging their deep understanding of the client’s platform and processes, TeamRecruit conducted a comprehensive evaluation. This was to determine the most efficient and rapid way to fill the required roles, ensuring a seamless transition for the company. 

Training the client and recruiters quickly, and minimizing internal training made for a smooth transition. The project commenced 3 days later.

No. of Roles Filled: 290

Entry level

Healthcare Recruiter
Account Coordinator Corporate Travel Coordinator
Talent Acquisition Specialist


Account Manager
Operations Manager Executive


VP of Business Development

Time to Fill: ASAP (3-5 days) 
Start Date: February 2021

92% of the positions were filled in the first four weeks.

No new full-time employees were needed or hired for this project.