1,290 Roles Filled Through Tailored RPO Solutions

Oracle Cerner, a healthcare IT service company leader, faced a significant challenge in quickly recruiting over 1,000 roles within a short period of time. These positions varied widely, from technical roles like Software Engineers to specialized healthcare jobs such as Nurse Practitioners and Managerial roles, adding complexity to the task. The talent acquisition team, already stretched thin, struggled with the volume, diversity of roles, system inefficiencies, and the pressing need to fill positions rapidly.

A specialized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team was brought in to tackle these issues. This team, comprising experts from the US, Philippines, and India, quickly mobilized to address the recruitment challenge. The intervention brought a palpable sense of relief to the stretched talent acquisition team and Oracle Cerner's leadership, who grappled with the volume, diversity of roles, system inefficiencies, and the pressing need to fill positions rapidly.

The RPO team streamlined the hiring process by integrating disparate systems and allocating resources strategically. It focused on using technology to automate routine tasks and reduce recruitment staff burnout.


The RPO team also maintained clear and regular communication with Oracle Cerner's leadership to manage expectations and provide updates on progress.

The outcomes of this approach were significant. The RPO team, with their remarkable speed and efficiency, placed the first candidates within days, rapidly scaling up to meet the growing needs and eventually filling all 1,000+ roles within the targeted timeframe.

This not only met Oracle Cerner's immediate needs but also improved the efficiency of the recruitment process, reduced errors and costs, and boosted the morale and productivity of the existing talent acquisition team. Furthermore, this collaboration established a scalable recruitment model for Oracle Cerner's future needs.

This case study highlights how the RPO team's strategic mobilization, global expertise, and process optimization effectively met Oracle Cerner's complex and high-volume recruitment needs. This partnership addressed the immediate challenge and laid the groundwork for sustainable talent acquisition strategies.

1,290 roles filled, including 150 US Federal Roles

Time to Fill: 2 weeks initial deployment, completion in 8 months